Marie's Story

Marie was the mother of the first family we are sponsoring.

On May 26th, 2013, Marie was murdered in the Democratic Republic of Congo for trying to protect her daughter from a forced marriage.   

Protecting her daughter

Marie’s husband had accepted a dowry payment for their daughter from an army colonel. When Marie opposed the forced marriage and sent her daughter into hiding, her husband killed her with a machete.

Her husband was found and arrested following the murder, but released from prison to attend a funeral. 

Journey to safety 

Fearing for their safety, and with support of Marie’s sister Victoria, most of Marie’s children made their way to a neighbouring country where they were able to stay with two adult cousins who had fled the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo a number of years ago. 

Unfortunately, when Victoria returned to the DRC, she found that her efforts to protect her sister's children had put her own daughter in danger. The army colonel, who had paid a dowry for Marie’s older daughter, laid claim to Victoria’s daughter.  In order to protect her children, Victoria fled with the remaining children and went into hiding.

All of Marie’s and Victoria’s family members are living outside of the DRC, with the exception of Victoria’s husband, who is missing.  He has been included in the sponsorship application with the hope that the family will be reunited.