We are all in this together

Our organization is committed to growing and helping as many families at risk as possible.

Today, we are a small group of interested Winnipeggers working with Knox United Church and Hospitality House Refugee Ministries to sponsor two families at risk so that they can start a new life in Canada.

Tomorrow, with support from people just like you, we can grow to become a large group of interested Canadians and Canadian organizations giving many families at risk the opportunity at a new life in this country we call home.

Take some time to learn a bit about our partners below or get in touch if you would like to join a group just like ours.

  Knox United Church

Knox United Church

Knox United Church

Knox United Church is an intercultural faith community in the heart of Winnipeg - Central Park.

Both a church and a community hub, Knox United Church is home to a variety of groups and causes, supporting the health and wellness of all members of the growing Knox community. 

Find out more about Knox United Church in Winnipeg

Hospitality House Refugee Ministries

Hospitality House Refugee Ministries is a non-profit organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with the goal of sponsoring as many refugees as possible.

They believe that all refugees arriving in Canada should have adequate living conditions and equal opportunities to flourish. This is possible thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers who work with the community to make it happen.

Find out more about Hospitality House Refugee Ministry

  Hospitality House refugee reception centre

Hospitality House refugee reception centre

If you are interested in partnering with Families at Risk please let us know.