The Families at Risk Fund

We established the Families at Risk Fund to build up savings to support our families for one year after their arrival in Canada.

The money raised will make sure that when our sponsored families arrive in Canada, they have a place to call home and rest after their long journey. Families at Risk's funds will support the costs of the basic necessities to get their new lives started, as well as the bare minimum of month-to-month living expenses.

Currently, our group is trying to sponsor two families made up of 3 adults and 9 children.

Our Goal is $52,025 


So far we Have raised $9,950


(we are 19% of the way there!)

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To make sure that our refugee sponsorship appeals are successful, the Government of Canada requires that we have enough money and resources to support the family for one year.

We need to raise $52,025 to cover the living expenses of our first two families for one year. You can see the break-down of the costs as outlined in our budget below.


Total Sponsorship Budget

Start Up & Monthly Expenses for One Year (3 adults and 9 children). This budget is based on the Government of Canada’s Resettlement Assistance Program rates.

Start-up costs
Description Cost
Security deposit $515.00
Staple food $1,100.00
Clothing $3,300.00
School Supplies $540.00
Household Needs (furniture, beds, linens, pots, pans, etc.) $1,700.00
Total costs $7,155.00
Monthly costs
Description Cost
Food & essentials $1,825.00
Rent $1,025.00
Transportation $331.00
School Supplies $540.00
Telephone $58.00
Total monthly costs $3,239.00
Total Cost for the year (12 months) $38,870.00
Total costs
Description Cost
Start-up costs $7,155.00
Total monthly costs $38,870.00
Unexpected expenses $6,000.00
Total cost $52,025.00

For the price of a luxury car, we can help two families in need start a life that they have only dreamed of.